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Heated Gloves for Different Sports


Keeping your hands warm in cold weather is crucial for outdoor sports enthusiasts. With their excellent warmth and comfort, Arcfomor Heated Gloves have become essential equipment in various sports such as skiing, skating, mountaineering, and cycling. In this article, we will discuss the application of Arcfomor Heated Gloves in different sports and the convenience and advantages they bring.

Skiing and Ice Skating

Skiing and ice skating is one of the most popular outdoor sports in winter. However, prolonged exposure to low temperatures makes the hands vulnerable to the cold. Heated gloves provide constant warmth through built-in heating elements, allowing skiers and ice skaters to maintain finger dexterity and a sense of control over their poles and skates, even in the cold.


- Lasting warmth so you can glide through the snow.

- Finger dexterity ensures precision in gripping and maneuvering equipment.

- Windproof and waterproof design to adapt to snowy conditions.

Mountaineering and hiking

Mountaineering and hiking require long periods of time outdoors, especially at high altitudes or in cold regions. Heated gloves not only provide warmth in cold weather, but also protect hands from cold wind and moisture. Climbers and hikers can keep their hands comfortable and dry during long walks.


- Long-lasting battery life to meet the needs of long outdoor activities.

- Non-slip design ensures safety when using hiking poles and other equipment.

- Lightweight and warm, reducing the feeling of weight.


Riding in winter requires more hand warmth, as the hands are directly exposed to the cold wind during riding. Arcfomor Heated Gloves not only provide warmth, but they also have a non-slip feature that ensures hand control over the handlebars while riding. Many Arcfomor Heated Gloves also support touchscreen operation, allowing riders to easily operate cell phones and navigation devices.


- Fast heating for immediate warmth.

- Non-slip palm design for enhanced grip control.

- Supports touch screen operation for easy access to navigation and communication devices.

Ice fishing

Ice fishing enthusiasts need to sit still on cold ice for long periods of time, and their hands can easily become stiff and cold. Heated gloves keep hands warm in extreme cold conditions, allowing ice anglers to focus more on fishing without worrying about cold hands.


- Long lasting warmth for stationary outdoor activities.

- Waterproof and windproof for ice conditions.

- Comfortable lining for an extra layer of warmth.


Heated gloves play an important role in all kinds of outdoor sports in cold environments. Whether you're skiing, skating, hiking, biking, or ice fishing, Arcfomor Heated Gloves provide long-lasting warmth and comfort, protecting your hands from the cold.You can also check out our Heated Gloves collection or stay tuned to our instagram for the latest news!

Application of Heated Gloves in Different Sports

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