Gants chauds "Yellowstone Gentlemen"

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Experience the grandeur of nature in the Yellowstone Gentleman's Gloves and feel the perfect combination of elegance and adventure. Whether you're traveling through the wilderness or fending off the urban chill, these gloves will ensure your hands stay warm and stylish. Perfect for the discerning adventurer, these gloves symbolize both ruggedness and refined elegance, making every journey a testament to lasting style and warmth.

  • Goatskin and Polyester Shell
  • 3M Thinsulate™
  • Waterproof, Windproof & Breathable
  • Touch screenr
  • Cuff Cords
Taille: S
Couleur: Olives-Vert

Warranty & Return

All Arcfomor gloves come with a one-year warranty, during which any non-human quality issues can be directly replaced. Additionally, we accept returns within 30 days with no return shipping charges.

Care & Caution

  • Hand wash with mild soap.
  • Air dry by hanging or laying flat, away from direct sunlight.
  • Do not iron.
  • Avoid dry cleaning.
  • Do not use a machine dryer.
"Yellowstone Gentlemen"Warm Gloves - Arcfomor
Prix habituel $79.00
Prix habituel Prix soldé $79.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
A. Watkins

Using these for my winter scooter commutes has been a game-changer. They're perfect above 25 degrees, but even at 20 degrees, my hands are still feeling the chill from the wind hitting at 35 mph. But hey, they do the job!

Eric K.

These gloves look great and have high-quality leather, but they're not as warm as my Canadian Goose gloves. Skiing in 9-degree weather, I had to use hot hands to keep my fingers warm.


Absolutely love them! After trying out many different top-rated sets, these are the winners for me!

Ailsa C.

These gloves are fantastic, but don't use them for wet ski conditions. Stick to powder skiing with these. Otherwise, they'll soak through within 30 minutes and leave your hands ringing wet.

Juan Venerio

The material is fantastic. I see a lot of people rocking these while snowboarding. They can last a long time if you take good care of them.