“Vortex”Heated Gloves

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All-around protection for a safer, more comfortable ride!

  • Goatskin and Polyester
  • 3M Thinsulate
  • Waterproof Windproof & Breathable
  • Touch screen
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Size Chart

How to Measure Your Hand for the Perfect Glove Fit

Finding the right glove size is essential for comfort and functionality. Here's a simple guide to measure your hand correctly:

  • Hand Circumference:
  1. Lay your dominant hand flat, palm up, without stretching your fingers.
  2. Use a flexible tape measure.
  3. Place the tape measure around the fullest part of your hand, just below the knuckles, excluding the thumb—this is your 'hand circumference'.
  4. Wrap the tape measure from the crook of the thumb around the outer edge of the palm.


  • Hand Length:
  1. Measure from the tip of your longest finger to the base of your palm, right where the wrist begins—this is your 'hand length'.
  2. Keep the measure straight and snug, not tight.


  • Sizing Chart:
  1. Refer to the glove sizing chart. Match your measurements to the closest size. If your measurements are between sizes, choose the larger size.
  2. Note that sizing may vary slightly from style to style, depending on the insulation level of the gloves.

Size Ranges:

  1. Small: For a 'Cycle Length' (hand circumference) of 7.5"-8" (19.5-20.5CM) and 'Length' of 7.5"-8" (19.5-20.5CM).
  2. Medium: If you measure a 'Cycle Length' of 8.5" (21-22CM) and 'Length' of 8"-8.3" (20.5-21CM).
  3. Large: A 'Cycle Length' of 9"-9.5" (22.5-24CM) and 'Length' of 8.3"-8.6" (21-21.5CM).
  4. X-Large: For those with a 'Cycle Length' of 10"-10.5" (24.5-26CM) and 'Length' of 8.3"-8.6" (21-21.5CM).


  1. Do not tighten the tape measure too much; it should sit comfortably around your hand.
  2. If you're right-handed, measure your right hand. If you're left-handed, measure your left hand.
  3. For the most accurate results, have someone help you with the measuring.

By following these steps, you can easily determine your glove size and ensure your next pair of gloves will fit just right, providing the maximum comfort and protection against the elements.

What's Included

3000 mAh battery x2
Charger x1
Packaging tote bag X1

Warranty & Return

All Arcfomor gloves come with a one year warranty, offering a direct replacement for any non-man-made quality issues within this period. Additionally, we accept returns within 30 days without a return shipping fee.

Care & Caution

  • Hand wash with mild soap.
  • Air dry by hanging or laying flat, away from direct sunlight.
  • Do not iron.
  • Avoid dry cleaning.
  • Do not use a machine dryer.
“Vortex”Heated Gloves - Arcfomor
Regular price $109.00
Regular price $149.00 Sale price $109.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews

The material feels good, and the quality is solid. Haven't had a chance to test 'em on a ride yet, but they fit awesome. Gonna post a video review soon.


These gloves are decent, nice feel, warm on their own with good protection. Sizes run smaller, that's why I gave 'em 4 stars. Bought a size L, felt more like an S. Returned 'em for XL, fits better for now, though fingers might be a tad short. Tested the heating part, it's alright. They work for me.


The gloves work fine, but the heating is on the top of the hand, so in extreme cold, fingertips get icy. Brr!


Awesome riding gloves. Don't even need the temperature controller; they heat up nicely on the top of my hands, palm, and fingers when plugged into the jacket.

A Bie

These gloves are solid and fit true to size. They're plenty warm when plugged into 12VDC, but get yourself a controller. The wiring durability could be better; it's a trade-off between comfort and toughness. Treat the leather right, and these babies will last.